Diana Felker ~ Club Director and 17 Gold Head Coach

"I hope to bring a life time love of volleyball to the next generation by showing them that volleyball is more than just winning and losing. Volleyball is a game, games are meant to be fun and competitive. My goal is for our players to find the "fun" in volleyball while competing at a high level."

Somewhere behind the athlete you've become and the hours of practice and the coaches who have pushed you is a little girl who fell in love with the game and never looked back—play for her. ~Mia Haam

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Head Coach for Conestoga High School Varsity

Previous Coaching Experience

  • Head Coach: Widener University
  • Asst Coach: UNC Chapel Hill
    • 1999 ACC Champions
  • Asst Coach: Cleveland State University
  • Head Coach: The Bishop's School (La Jolla, CA)
    • 1994 CA state semi-finalist
  • Asst Coach: University of California San Diego
    • 1993 NCAA 3rd place
    • 1992 NCAA runner up

Club Coaching Experience

  • TEVA 18 Gold Head Coach
  • TEVA 12 Gold Head Coach
  • TEVA 17 Gold Co-Head Coach
  • TEVA 15 Gold Head Coach
  • TEVA 14 Gold Head Coach
  • TCA Philly 13 Blue Head Coach
  • Director & Coach: Carolina Volleyball Club (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • Director & Coach: Viking Volleyball Club (Cleveland, OH)
  • 14's Head Coach: San Diego Volleyball Club

Playing Experience

  • UC San Diego: 4 yr starting Outside Hitter
    • 2-time NCAA All-American Selection
    • 3-time NCAA National Champion
    • 2-time player of the year at UCSD
  • 2013: First Volleyball player inducted into the UCSD Athletic Hall of Fame


  • SafeSport
  • Concussion